Dr. Sowmini Kumaran is the founder of the company Proteogenie biotech LLP. Her scientific background spans from molecular biology to structural biology. She has gained outstanding experience with routine molecular biology techniques, protein expression and purification using bacterial and mammalian cell culture and Pichia expression systems. She worked with wide range of proteins including membrane proteins, enzyme complexes, viral proteins, mammalian proteins and also in the biosynthesis and purification of bacterial byproducts such as lipopolysaccharides and antimicrobial peptides like polymyxin. Her passion is to work on the practical applications of proteins, the biological work horses.

Her first exposure to research started in the year 2003 when she joined as a research associate in Dr.Raghavan Varadarajan’s Lab, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) India’s one of the top ranked research institution. She has a PhD in Life Sciences from University of Zurich, Switzerland under the guidance of Dr.Oliver Zerbe. Her postdoctoral fellowship was in Dr.Frank Jordan’s lab, Rutgers University, Newjersey, USA. She joined as a first “incubatee” in Golden Jubilee Biotech Park for Women Society (supported by BIRAC) – a unique venture set up with a mission to provide opportunities for the qualified women to become entrepreneurs in the biotech sector. She would like to carry out detailed research to understand the molecular background and physiology of recombinant protein production to ensure that the provided services and products meet customer’s needs genuinely.

Proteogenie Biotech LLP has been incorporated in July 2017. The company seeks to provide cost-effective contract research services in gene cloning, site-directed mutagenesis, recombinant protein production and purification, labelled proteins and bacterial metabolite biosynthesis to academia/ pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. We sincerely believe that we have the potential to carve a niche and create a unique foot print in protein biologicals field.

Founding a company gives the valuable opportunity to build our own dreams, be it large or small knowing we are personally making a difference. I am happy and proud that I am one of the fortunate person who had the chance to work in excellent research environment worldwide which helped me to walk my path in the field of life sciences where my inherent passion lies.