Producing recombinant protein requires specialized staff, equipment and a willingness to explore multiple approaches for the proper usage of cellular machinery to better one’s chances for success. We offer to help fast-track the research by streamlining molecular cloning, protein expression and protein purification catering to the needs of the users which would enable a broad range of downstream applications.

There are two general ways that customers can interface with us:
Collaborative Project:

We will undertake short and long term collaborations with universities and enterprises which consist of on-demand problem solving in recombinant DNA and protein production articulated through contract research. We get intellectually invested in your project and will work alongside and mentor your personnel, help them with experimental design and analysis.

Independent Project:

We would like to provide a cost-effective solution for research groups/industry that require recombinant protein but don’t want the outlay to setup protein production in their own lab. Thus scientists can free themselves from routine gene cloning and protein purification and instead devote their energy and time to more creative research.

Thus we can offer flexible co-operation with our partners. At any time you can adjust how you interface with us, our mission is to help you accomplish your research goals in whatever way is best for you.