The main niches for PhDs and postdocs are academia and industry. However there are trends
for choosing different career paths. One of these is science entrepreneurship. Though
transitions are tough, they are not impossible. However, a strategic approach to the move is
essential. The field of entrepreneurship is the scholarly evaluation of the discoveries and
exploitation of opportunities to create future goods and services for society. An advanced
degree alone does not necessarily help to reach these goals. A set of cognitive and non-
cognitive skills such as the ability to identify opportunity, build a business plan, hone the
communication and fund raising skills, take calculated risks and persist through failure should
be developed. Also scientists will need to partner with talented people – each talented in a
different way who mesh well together to launch a start-up.

Many nascent entrepreneurs exist around us thinking about starting a new venture. Founding a company gives the valuable opportunity to build our own dreams, be it large or small knowing we are personally making a difference. However, it’s all too easy to get pulled off track. The day-to-day grind, the financial pressure, difficulties encountered, hesitation to ask for help, a lack of focus on priorities, long time scale to achieve success are all potential pitfalls. Nowadays a growing number of resources can help scientists to learn business basics which can help them to successfully navigate the entrepreneurial journey.

In recent times, Indian government has started more incubation centers and invested a lot to provide an appropriate bio space ecosystem for young entrepreneurs who want to set foot in the start-up arena. The range of services offered has greatly expanded from providing basic equipment to a broad spectrum of professional services. It definitely will help reducing early stage operational costs, accelerating development, creating synergy in tenant learning etc. As complex ecosystems exist, collaboration and visibility remain very essential for start-ups. Science parks and incubation centers create clusters and help to promote collaborations between start-up firms and research institutions/industries.

I have joined as a first “incubatee” in Golden Jubilee Biotech Park for Women Society (supported by BIRAC) – a unique venture set up with a mission to provide opportunities for the qualified women to become entrepreneurs in the biotech sector. We hope their comprehensive business assistance program will help us to shape and nurture our entrepreneurial venture successfully. Our company Proteogenie Biotech LLP seeks to provide cost-effective contract research services to academia/ pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries – in “gene cloning, site-directed mutagenesis, recombinant protein production and purification, labelled proteins and bacterial metabolite biosynthesis”. We carry out research to understand the molecular background and physiology of protein production tailored to the customer’s requirements. We ensure that our services and products meet customer’s needs genuinely.

“Your Wish, Your protein, Our responsibility”

One can imagine the avenues of research that open up with lots of good quality protein!!!

We are also acutely aware that the present ecosystem is good enough for ignition and proof of concept stages, but the real challenge for start-ups is to secure sufficient funding. Nothing kills a small business faster than running out of cash. Hence it is best to start slow and be conservative. Also government funding can be a key catalyst in supporting start-ups. DBT’s various programs like BIG, SBIRI and BIPP, professionally run by BIRAC, are really encouraging. We sincerely believe that we have the potential to carve a niche and create a unique foot print in protein biologicals

Dear readers, I look forward for your suggestions regarding startup funding opportunities, marketing strategies, contract research services and other important entrepreneurship advices. Please do share your wisdom in the comments section.


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